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Your access to infrastructure and know-how


Your access to infrastructure and know-how

Your link to important contacts


Your link to important contacts

Together. Successful.

Wieland Ventures is an important brand of Wieland, the world's leading supplier of semi-finished products and components made of copper and copper alloys. As Wieland Ventures, we invest in young start-ups with new ideas and work with start-ups that help us to improve and keep Wieland's business and production processes up to date.

When investing in a start-up, we are interested in long-term cooperation because we want to achieve success together. We not only support you financially, but also offer you access to our comprehensive knowledge and wealth of experience - unlike a traditional financial investor.

For cooperation, we are looking for start-ups whose solutions will improve our products, corporate or production processes and make us more innovative in the future. If this is the case, we become your customer and offer you access to our functional divisions at over 60 locations worldwide.

We invest in solutions for

  • Thermotechnical challenges
  • E-Mobility


We are looking for cooperations

with start-ups that have made sustainability their theme.

4 steps to Success

We'll find each other.

After receiving your documents, we will check your request and know whether we can be your investor or customer.

Deep Dive
We'll get to know each other.

We meet and you pitch your startup. Here we discuss together the type of investment/cooperation. We then examine details and points of contact with Wieland together with our specialist departments.

We define the cooperation.

After a positive due diligence, we contact you with an investment or project enquiry. Here we go into detail about the contents of the participation or the joint pilot project.

We're moving on to the final steps.

We coordinate the details of our cooperation. You will then receive the participation agreement or order confirmation. Congratulations! Everything else is done with our investment manager or the functional division.

Check to apply

When contacting us, please send us the following information by e-mail:
Your Startup

You introduce yourself with your name, your product and your pitch deck

More Details

You give us the number of your employees and the head office

Your search

You are looking for an investor – what is your need for capital and support?
You are looking for a client – which department is your product suitable for?

Your contact

We need your name, e-mail and phone number to contact you in case of queries



We provide you with our deep knowledge and versatile options of our R&D in the field of material development, material processing and measuring and testing technology. Thus, your idea will be developed continuously.


We give you access to our worldwide production facilities and offices. But also on a case-by-case basis to our resources in the field of process management, production, sales and distribution as well as legal and patent matters. In this way you will have more time to focus on the technical and market development of your idea.


We are the link to important contacts. Our worldwide network helps you to develop your business idea. Worldwide, we are closely networked with our customers from a wide range of industries. Research institutions, universities, associations, cooperation partners and participants in the market are also part of our close network.



Using waste <br>water energy <br>more efficiently

Using waste
water energy
more efficiently


Joulia SA develops and manufactures shower drains with integrated heat recovery. With a Joulia shower drain, a household can recover over 50% of the heat in the shower water, which today usually disappears unused in the waste water at high temperatures.

The common goal of the strategic partnership of Wieland and Joulia is to scale up the solution developed by Joulia for heat recovery from shower water.

Recycling <br>for a green <br>future

for a green

Urban Gold
Urban Gold

UrbanGold is a start-up and spin-off of Mettop GmbH and focuses on innovative concepts for the recycling of metalliferous waste. Together with Wieland, the concepts will be further developed and expanded.

Among other things UrbanGold has developed a technology to recover base and precious metals from WEEE and WEEE-concentrate in an independent compact plant.


Success Story

Smartwatch in production

Smartwatch in production


Workerbase's Smartwatch enables efficient quality control and a smooth production process.

The Smartwatch combines all production-relevant information from the plant control system, e.g. malfunctions or material status, with information from the Manufacturing Execution System. On this basis, assistance systems can provide targeted information or make decisions, e.g. on production interruptions.


Global <br> Innovation <br>Award


Startup Autobahn honors successful projects

Wieland Ventures was awarded the Global Innovation Award for its close cooperation with STARTUP AUTOBAHN and for the project with the Start-up Workerbase. The start-up's Smartwatch is used at Wieland for efficient quality control in manufacturing and enables a smooth production process.

Your team

Michael Demmer
Michael Demmer Managing Director
Frederike Doerfler
Frederike Doerfler Venture Scout
Marielene Kälberer
Marielene Kälberer Venture Scout