Press release

Neumacher Competition

Startup AIPARK wins the two-day innovation boost at Wieland in the mobility category

Together with the largest business magazine in Germany, Wieland Ventures was looking for the best talents on the start-up scene. More than 150 start-ups competed in five categories. Each category had different industrial partners. In addition to the general prize, the winners of the individual categories received an individual prize package.

On 22 November, the best start-ups were awarded the Founders' Prize in Berlin. In the mobility category, AIPARK convinced with its product - a platform that facilitates the search for free parking with the help of artificial intelligence. AIPARK expects a two-day "innovation boost" at the Ulm plant as the winning package. The startup will get to know experts and important key people in the field of mobility at Wieland and gain insight into sales, strategic business development and central R&D.

The award ceremony took place as part of the Digital Transformation Summit - an event of the magazine Wirtschaftswoche for digital decision-makers with more than 300 participants from politics, business, media and experts from all over the world.

Picture credits: ©Nils Bröer