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Global Innovation Award

Wieland wins Global Innovation Award of the Startup Autobahn

Startup Autobahn completed Program 5 with ExpoDay 5 on 21 February in Stuttgart. State premier Winfried Kretschmann held the opening keynote in a new ambience in the Wagenhallen in front of more than 1,000 invited guests. For the first time, the innovation platform assigned the so-called "Global Innovation Award". In addition to Wieland, Porsche was also honored.

The focus of this award was the cooperation with the Startup Workerbase. In this cooperation the use of Smartwatches in the production for quality control was discussed. Employees are reminded by the watch of the quality controls and can record the quality directly on the watch. The Smartwatch combines all production-relevant information from the plant control system, e.g. malfunctions or material condition, with information from the Manufacturing Execution System. On this basis, assistance systems can provide targeted information or make decisions, e.g. on production interruptions.

March marks the anniversary of Wieland Ventures' membership in the Startup Autobahn network. In the last twelve months, the network events and contacts through Startup Autobahn have provided Wieland Ventures with the desired access to the startup scene and led to important successes. Wieland Ventures was able to continuously expand its network and the number of projects with startups. The focus of the activities was on the search for suitable investments and increasingly on cooperation with startups. Wieland Ventures will continue to expand and intensify this cooperation with the innovation platform and startups.


Press Release


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